Born in Montreal, but of Portuguese heritage, the universe finally lined up its stars, allowing me to return and live in my blood root country in Europe. After a couple of dozen visits over the years, and some calculated planning, the wheels, pardon the pun, are now in motion.

I cycled over 15000 km, mostly in the Quebec region of Canada, 3000 km of it in Portugal, from 2014 to 2016. Most of my average pacing is in the 25-30 km/hr range; I can be slower, I can be faster; but the name of the game is riding for pleasure and enjoyment, and of course, the scenery and the experience. And the vinho and gastronomy – caramba!

If you do make it over some given year, I’ll challenge you in obtaining a vagabond certificate, leading and riding up to, and conquering, the Castelo de Santa Cruz granite rock formation in the town of Arcos de Valdevez, a 55 km route/climb with a 700 meter elevation gain, from Ponte de Lima. That’s me on it that you see on the picture appearing on all the pages throughout the site, and if you make it there, yours will be posted on my social media. It’s your Olympic moment, and an amazing spot.

For hardcore enthusiasts, I’ll be participating in a few Granfondos throughout the year, surreal events, a bucket list item for any North American rider. A little more complicated to participate in, but if you ever have the time and opportunity, go Nike – and just do it!

Safe travels and riding – peace out!