Thank you for visiting my site. In the last few years, I rediscovered my enthusiasm and passion for cycling, and that led me from what was, in my mind, “long” rides of 20 km, to some in excess of 160, in a matter of a few years. The journey took me from a low, rebuilding point in my life, to one of unbridled enthusiasm and energy, and back to my root country of Portugal.

So the purpose of the website is to enlighten and promote the benefits of being active, staying focused and never, ever giving up on believing on what is important to you. In my case, I channeled that energy on the saddle of my bike. For those who appreciate and relate to cycling, nature, scenery and history, you can follow or check on my current experiences and rides @Sendao Cycling on Facebook, or view my cycling Go Pro videos on my youtube channel.

And if it happens to motivate you to travel to Portugal/Europe, or to want to ride there, I’d be pleased to provide you with some advice and leadership, to a certain degree, for your own experience. I can’t be available or responsible 24/7, but if I can assist you in a small, manageable period of time, in a convenient, social way, I will.

Moral of the site? If you can’t figure out where you are going or what you’re doing, if you get your ass on a bike, you’ll figure out where the road goes; the worse thing that can happen, is that, you might just end being healthier and happier doing it -)


Fernando Sendao

Cycling vagabond