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There comes a time in life that defines you, and cements your convictions; renews your faith; when a compass appears, and guides you where you were meant to go. For me, that time came June 10th, 2017, when an inspired thought jolted me; changed everything, my meaning and purpose.

I used to think the value in life was based on perception – ego – material wealth, #’s and status. It became very clouded the last few years; now, it’s obvious; real wealth is measured by health, energy, spirit and love. By sharing it, and making yourself, family, friends, and everyone else around you, better, because of the trust and faith you have inside.

I’ve known for awhile that cycling was what would free me and guide me, and save me from getting lost. I just couldn’t put the exact handle on it. Until now.

It’s not about how many km you can ride, nor the pace, but simply, how, and with who, you get to travel with at the end of the road, and who’s going along during the ride.

My inspiration comes from many sources; nature, music, the mystery of the universe and my faith in something Greater beyond; my family; amazing people I have met, and famous people that I have admired for many reasons. However, this came from one very direct, gifted source, and it’s her that I must thank gratefully, for shining me a new vision and direction. You rawwk, Christina.

Fernando Sendao

Cycling vagabond, and dedicated fan.