The purpose of this website is to advocate cycling, and share my riding experiences. And I’ll offer tips and advice on riding in the Minho region of northern Portugal, or Portugal in general.


I’ve always ridden a bike to find that balance between spirit and freedom. You know; that liberating connection of your senses, to nature and your surroundings, that just makes you come alive! There’s no better place to feel it then here, in terms of nature, history, culture, gastronomy and hospitality.


I’ll post photo’s and videos as I cycle the roads, trails, hills and mountains, promoting the towns, monuments, restaurants, activities, museums, nature and people in the area; these can be viewed on a Facebook page, @ Sendao Cycling.


This is a non profit service. For those looking to explore and visit, I’ll be pleased to work with you on the following donation scale, benefiting The Ocean Cleanup Project. (www.theoceancleanup.com) Routes from 10 to 150 km can be suggested and arranged at various levels of difficulty, including all terrain biking. I can also suggest walking routes for pedestrian visitors, and I’ll be pleased to assist visitors in the area. Here are the donation amounts and benefits;


  • 1 day guided route, with +energy and translation service: 25 Euro donation
  • 2 day route: 40 Euros
  • 3, 4 & 5 day routes: 50, 60 & 75 Euros


For those looking to organize and arrange accommodations, airport pick up, places to visit etc etc;

50 Euros, plus expenses (tolls, petrol, parking) plus the route rates that may apply. In all cases, the donation amount applies to a group, not individuals, numbering 1 to 6. For groups of more then 6,

the donation amount is double. I’ll act only as an adviser, and you are responsible for all expenses and activities; I can only offer to be a guide as listed above, and not a tour operator.


But, I’ll be pleased to share some brief information to help you enjoy your own adventures. The pictures and videos will give you a pretty good idea of what to see and expect; being there will certainly exceed your expectations.


Safe travels and riding – viva!


Fernando S.


Cycling vagabond